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What is the ideal timing for orchiopexy?

Lee PA, Coughlin MT. Leydig cell function after cryptorchidism: evidence of the beneficial result of early surgery. Journal of Urology 2002;167(4):1824-7. (MINORS = 11)

Researchers conducted a physical examination of formerly cryptorchid men (n = 106) and age-matched controls (n = 52) to estimate testicular volume. Patients also provided blood and semen samples, which were analyzed for LH, FSH, inhibin B, and testosterone levels, as well as sperm density. In the cryptorchid men, testosterone levels correlated negatively with age at orchidopexy but positively with inhibin B, sperm density, and normal sperm motility and morphology.

Conclusions: Fertility may be optimized if orchidopexy is performed in infancy rather than childhood.

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